Aided by new UCC initiatives, our primary sponsor, Bank of Ireland and of course, with your help we aim for the following:

  • Improve our cricket facilities
  • Increase our public outreach and expand as a club
  • Participate, as well as organize intra-club and inter-club tournaments tailored for different levels of cricket.

With us you will reach
Although based in Cork, UCC Cricket club is truly global through its large international membership and strong UCC alumni base. Sponsoring UCC Cricket club will allow you to reach out significantly more to

  • Local & international student communities across Ireland, especially in Cork.
  • Families, through students across Ireland.
  • Cricket enthusiasts, as well as international communities across Munster
  • Recognition beyond Ireland through our constantly growing alumni and community

Value proposition
In return of your sponsorship, we are more than willing to provide you an attractive opportunity for advertisement. We believe that our current members, worldwide alumni base and organisational contacts will provide you with a suitable platform to advertise your organisation with us. Ireland has recently been awarded the status of a Test playing Nation by ICC and thus the future of cricket in Ireland is even more and opportunities are even bigger. You can pick from any of the following propositions :

BRONZE: Special mentions in social media posts and presence on banner and posters in social events
SILVER: Logo & organisation promotion on all social media platforms and website (space below!), plus above
GOLD: Logo on all merchandise, plus all the above

Interested, or wish to talk more?

No worries, we are most than eager to hear from you and discuss about building a strong relationship. We are students/ researchers in Cork and can chat at your time. Give us a shout anytime, anywhere!
Email: cricket@uccclubs.ie
Phone: 0857255565 (Archi)/ 0831184331 (Debo)
Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram